Picture of Skin Cancer

picture of skin cancerPICTURE OF SKIN CANCER

Monday, September 1, 2008

Picture Of Skin Cancer - What Does Skin Cancer Look Like

What is skin cancer appears? There are 4 criteria for the diagnosis of this type of mole that is, the criteria and starts with A, B, C and D.

The ABCDs are as follows:

* A - asymmetry (the most common stains are rounded and balanced)
* B - Borders (skin cancer May borders have benefited unevenly)
* C - Color (cancer may be amended shades of brown, black or roasted and red, white and blue)
* D - Diameter (if a place is larger than a pencil eraser that can be a signal cancer)

picture of skin cancer picture

Picture of skin cancer
-- Warts or skin scaly

The type of cancer that resembles a wart or scaly skin. Here are images of Squamous Cell Carcinoma, which can be:

* A flat pain that finally looks like a wart (cancer, easily treatable)
* The spots of red, with scales sun damaged skin. Firstly, they can be easily treated, but left to itself, it can spread and can cause death

The skin cancer occurs much more often if it is fair skin, lots of tanning, and reach the largest, most probably succeed. If you think you have skin cancer, May you do not know what skin cancer appears. You must first look to see if you have a wart or a mole (often red, scaly skin). If you have a mole, then you can have a melanoma or basal cell carcinoma, and if you have a wart (or red, scaly skin), then you can have squamous cell carcinoma.

This Web site includes a lot of photos of skin cancer to give you an idea, at least, to show skin cancer. Mélanomes are the worst and most deadly. Basal cell carcinoma are much less likely to be fatal (unless the absence of treatment), as is the squamous cell carcinoma. If you have a regular, normal mole, you're pretty sure, but this is a good idea to see it. If the moon change, then there is a very good chance of skin cancer. If you think that May had skin cancer, a doctor has a mole or warts, then biopsy to see if it is really cancer, and see whether further treatment is necessary. Picture Of Skin Cancer - What Does Skin Cancer Look Like

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